Concepts of potential software or hardware are always fascinating to me. I find interesting to see how close to the real thing these guesses end up being. On the other hand, some people get extra crazy with certain designs or ideas. The latest BlackBerry concept we’ve seen floating around online comes from adrianbravom and it gives us an idea of what Android could potentially look like on BlackBerry hardware.

In this particular concept, Z10 hardware is loaded up with what seems to be a BlackBerry-specific Android skin. One of the more notable parts of his ideas are the minimized/inactive app windows which remind me a lot of BlackBerry 10’s active frames.


The lock screen and other UI elements seem to retain the Android Lollipop look while not being exactly like the stock experience. I would like to see someone draw up what a BlackBerry Hub on Android would look like. That’s probably one of the more interesting aspects of BlackBerry 10 that could sell Android devices in the future – should BlackBerry go that route.

What do you think about this concept of Android on BlackBerry hardware? Let us know in the comments below.