Whether for personal or enterprise use, your PlayBook has lots of options for keeping your information safe and secure. You can configure this in the Storage and Sharing options located in the settings. Here’s a detailed explanation of each option:

  • USB Connections – Tells the tablet how to react when you plug it in via USB cable. You can set it to Automatically Detect or choose to recognize only Mac or Windows.
  • Network Identification – Lets you personalize the tablet network name, workgroup, and username. It comes with a default name in the form of PLAYBOOK-XXXX, with the last four digits coming from the PIN that’s assigned at the factory.
  • File Sharing – When turned on, you are allowing access and sharing of files and media stored in your PlayBook anytime it is connected by USB cable to your computer.
  • WiFi Sharing – Lets you move and share files over a wireless network.
  • Password Protect – Lets you set a password before files can be moved to or from the tablet.

Always make sure you have these settings configured to the appropiate security level for your files. I always recommend being as secure as possible even if all you have is games. Let us know what your settings are.