Connect In Private (CIP) Corp. let us know they have released their new secure email and browsing application for BlackBerry. What is interesting about the CIP application is that it runs outside the RIM BlackBerry network, effectively providing a back-up connection in the event of RIM network outages.

“A company that deploys our app for all its BlackBerry users can continue operating during RIM network downtime.” said Connect In Private Corp. CEO Bill Montgomery. “Every business which relies on BlackBerry and has a mobile workforce relies on secure, reliable communications and due to the recent four day RIM service outage in October most businesses are now acutely aware of their exposure to that risk” Montgomery added.

The CIP application leaves no evidence of a users private email or internet surfing remains on the smartphone other than saved attachments; no email messages are stored on the device. The CIP application is available on BlackBerry OS 5, OS 6, and OS 7 and has been translated to twenty-six (26) languages. You can download Connect In Private from