Second in the Titan Series, Titan Wallet is a great application that consolidates the bulk your online passwords, bank cards and reward/gift cards all with tight AES encryption and password protection. This app merges these sources into one interface making it your one stop for all ecommerce needs. I personally loathe stuffing my wallet with gift-cards, and being able to easily scan the barcode or manually add the cards to my digital wallet is a real treat.

When working with the developer he was gracious enough to preload a starbucks giftcard to test the application while in BETA. I had some fun using the app out in the real world and it was a wonderfully simple experience. In seconds I was able to unlock the app present my barcode and scan.



I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the reader scanned the code and spit out a receipt. The app lets you add notes to I added in the new subtotal for reference later. Never needed to pull out my wallet, pull out a card, slide the card, add a pin code (debit). So much more seamless. The application can add many rewards cards from fast food to airline, and retail outlets like Target, and Walgreens.

Whats more you can also have your bank card information stored remotely (which makes online purchases way easier) simply copy and paste. And if that wasn’t enough you can take advantage of the AES encryption to protect your online passwords and accounts as well, in one organized format. While there are other apps that replicate this functionality the combination all of this in one application is what really gives the app extra value.

The application is Built for BlackBerry and highly recommended; it works marvelously albeit I would recommend a start-up tutorial for those that don’t really explore apps in depth. Took me a few minutes to find the long press brought up more options. Currently this application supports all BB10 devices.


In summary a fantastic addition to your home-screen you can pickup Titan Wallet for $2.99 in BlackBerry World.