Google yesterday shocked the world by announcing it had formed a new parent company, called “Alphabet.” However, some Reddit users aren’t too surprised, as they claim a Reddit post from a year ago “predicted” the change.

On the subreddit /r/google, dedicated to discussing Google, user /u/ojusn made the below infographic, which lays out a Google product for every letter of the alphabet, except for J.


As you can see, A is for Google Analytics, B is for Google Books, C is for Google Chrome, etc. After the Z entry, for Google Zeitgeist, it says in the bottom right corner, “google alphabet,” which has given rise to the conspiracy theory.

Although, some of the Google products listed, like Nexus Q and Google+ Local have been discontinued. It’s still unclear if having had products for nearly each letter of the alphabet is the true reason for Google’s name change. What do you think?

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