While stuck in traffic tonight I was listening to Z103.5 as I always do on hwy 400. And at 5:50 PM I got a shocker! I heard TheHammer announce a contest for Tuesday February 5th.

The details are sketchy as when I called for comment the people in the office had no clue of the contest and I’d have to wait till Monday to find out more. But I can’t leave my N4BB family waiting.

So the details as I can share them now are:

  • On February 5th
  • Starting at 8am through to the Drive at 5(pm)
  • 10 BlackBerry Z10 phones
  • Given away to the 10th caller
  • On the 10’s of every hour!

So those trapped in contracts and can’t get out or just can’t afford to buy a new phone, now you’ve got more chances to win!

Keep your eye on this thread. I’ll be updating as I get more details and on Tuesday if you’re in the GTA and surrounding areas, tune into 103.5 on your radio.  And www.z1035.com to listen live!  @Z1035toronto is their twitter address.

I’ll be tweeting about this on Tuesday @StephenBB81.  Have a great weekend! Just another reason to be excited for Tuesday!