Using native BlackBerry features isn’t always enough. Sometimes, third party developers can offer a product with enhanced features. Such is the case with AutoPlay Media Player for BlackBerry 10 from developer Bumblebee Computing.

AutoPlay is a feature-rich and intuitive media player built native originally for the PlayBook and now for BlackBerry 10. Here’s some of its features:

  • AutoPlay mode
    Provides the ability to automatically play videos one after another. This is perfect for plugging in your smartphone into a HD TV and enjoy playback of a series of videos without the hassle of manually selecting the next one after a video finishes. This also great for presentations at work where you can plug-in your smartphone into a projector and play a series of related videos one after another.
  • Auto-bookmarking
    It also incorporates an auto-bookmarking feature that allows you to keep track of where you left off in a video without clumsily needing to manually having to remember and fast-forwarding back to where you were.
  • Auto-resume
    When you close the app and then open it again, it will bring you back to exactly where you were — perfect for resuming your video exactly where you left off!
  • Auto-sort
    Automatic sort in selection view.  Great for ordering a series of related videos that you want to play in order.
  • SRT subtitle
    Easy-to-use SRT subtitle support. Just have the .srt file as the same name as your video and in same directory.  Note: the SRT files need to be encoded in UTF8 format.
  • Intuitive gestures
    Navigate through your videos with ease using intuitive gestures: single tap to toggle full-screen; swipe left for next video; swipe right for previous
  • Play modes
    Shuffle, repeat single, and continuous.  This is great for music videos.
  • Folder playlist
    Create a new playlist by selecting a sub-folder in your videos directory
  • Multi-task enabled
    Allows you to continue playing video when app is backgrounded (setting controlled)
  • Delete video ability
    Easily delete a video you no longer want to watch.
  • Sleep timer
    Turn-off AutoPlay at the interval of your choosing.
  • Sharing
    Easily email videos you want to share
  • Wide variety of formats supported
    It uses the same codec as the BlackBerry® 10 and can play the same rich set 1080p HD video formats including mp4, mov, wmv, 3gp, etc…  Because it uses the same codec, if the native video app does not play a video, AutoPlay will also not be able to play it.

AutoPlay Media Player for BlackBerry 10 is regularly priced at $0.99 in BlackBerry World. However, the developer is giving away 500 free copies. Use promo code AUTOPLAYPROMO. It is active until all the 500 copies are redeemed.