If you’ve tried to convert and side-load Android apps onto BlackBerry 10, chances are you’ve come across a few that just don’t work. Most causes for those apps to not work should be solved with the upcoming Jellybean Android 4.2 support in BlackBerry 10.

However, a new workaround has emerged that allows you to run just about any Android 2.3.3 apps, even those that use native Android code. If you’ve converted and signed Android apps before, then this should be fairly easy.

You will need a Windows PC and be a relatively advanced user. To get started, follow the tutorial below:


Note: If you have a new Android SDK (4.2.2) copy everything from sdk\build-tools\android-4.2.2 to sdk\platform-tools first.

  • Debug Token

Note: To get a debug token, simply request tokens here. Then use the included scripts: a-registertokens and b-createdebugtoken. They contain instructions.

Steps to Convert Android Apps

  1. Download this packagehere.
  2. Put your debugtoken.bar in the same directory as the script.
  3. Edit y-android2bb.bat and fill in where you have installed the Android SDK.
  4. Now just drag any Android app .apk on to y-android2bb.bat. A .bar should be generated.

Now all that you simply have to do is side-load the new .bar file for the app onto your BlackBerry 10 device. Viola!

via CB