I walk around with my “Dev Q” as my primary phone, and I take my Z10 with me when I go flying around Waterloo, Toronto, or Niagara Falls. Friends, friends of friends, acquaintances, strangers, and my dentist, all notice that I use a BB10 device, but more importantly, they ask questions about it. The most common question I am asked is: “What makes BB10 so special compared to my iPhone (or Android) device?”.

Although, I can imagine most people know about the main differences between each device, but here are a few things I noticed that interested people more than anything else on BB10, which makes it stand out.

First and foremost, the “Hub”. I challenge my friends to check their emails, using the least number of steps necessary. I send them an email, a text message, and a FaceBook message, while a YouTube video is playing (some music by Com Truise is my preferred choice).

Their response, swipe down from the top, to check their notifications. Then I ask them to read the messages (in full). From one app to the next, they read aloud my messages. When they finish, I ask them to go to their so-called “multitasking” thing, and notice they have two or three apps open.

At that point, their phone is heating up, the YouTube video/song has stopped playing, and there is no more flow. They forget what they were up to, and feel as if they are starting from the beginning, just to get back to what they were doing previously, which was simply listening to some good music!

Then I come in, and I show them what I can do with the BlackBerry 10 Hub. With YouTube playing in the background, a simple gesture shows all my notifications/messages. I then choose a few and open them, and then close them. I return to active frames, and low and behold, not only is YouTube still playing, but that is the only app running. They start to realize the power of BB10 with only this one example.

It is only appropriate that I continue with Active Frames, the multitasking pane of BB10. Not much to be said here, other than all your information is still up to date, and at your disposal, without necessarily having to enter into the app.

The next thing I show them is the File Manager, and how I can essentially access all my files seamlessly, and with efficiency. Need I say more?

Apps? Almost doesn’t sound taboo to say apps and BlackBerry in the same sentence. Until, you remind yourself that you can run pretty much any Android apps on your phone. The next time someone gets on your case about the lack of apps available for BlackBerry, just show them some Android apps that run on your BB10 device.


I have an Aviation GPS I use in the sky as my secondary source of navigation information. For example, I was up in the air for 2 hours and 45 minutes, buzzing around Downtown Toronto, Niagara Falls, and back to Waterloo. Battery level upon startup was 95%, after the flight, battery level was at 80%, and the phone’s display and GPS antenna¬†was ON the whole time.

Last, but certainly not least, BBM, specifically screen share. Who cares, right? WRONG. People just look at that feature and think: “Meh, not going to need it…”, or so I thought. The truth is, although people may not be using it that much, the fact a feature that powerful is on a phone, and works so seamlessly means that this phone is the real deal, and people like having the real deal.

These are the main points I touch on when chatting with people about the BlackBerry 10 OS. Giving such examples may make people seriously consider getting a BB10, or better yet, they actually may end up buying one.

What have been some of your experiences trying to show the power of BlackBerry 10? Drop them in the comments below.