Before Alex Kinsella left BlackBerry, while on the BBM team, he helped develop a widget for BBM Channels. This widget allows BBM Channel owners to create a Channel PIN badge to be used on a website or other medium that allows embedding HTML code. Today, Kinsella stated on his BBM Channel that the widget feature is now available.

To generate your BBM Channel PIN badge, follow these steps:

  1. Login to BBM Channels Manager at
  2. Select the Channel you want to create a PIN badge
  3. In top-right meta data you’ll see your name with a drop-down menu: select the widgets option
  4. Then click the ‘Create Channel PIN Badge’ text, which reveals a hidden menu
  5. Enter the required options and click ‘generate script’

You’ll then be provided a simple HTML code to be used and embedded on your own website. We have already gone ahead and installed our N4BB BBM Channel PIN badge across the site.