According to Bloomberg.com, RIM is now going to BMW audio and the Army’s Crusher tank, apparently in an attempt to distinguish themselves from the iPad and other tablet devices. The RIM Tablet will be developed by QNX Software Systems according to unnamed people due to the pre-public announcement. The Crusher is a remote-controlled, six wheeled vehicle made by Carnegie Mellon University for the Army in 2006.

And Bloomberg states that RIM plans to call the tablet BlackPad, which was decided in July. Which makes since seeing as how they bought the Internet rights to blackpad.com last month. Hit the jump for the features reportedly that will be on the BlackPad.

[Source: Bloomberg.com] [Photo: Intomobile.com]

The BlackPad will include Wi-Fi and will be able to connect to their mobile phone via Bluetooth, and according to two people inside, the BlackPad will not be able to connect directly to a cellular network like some iPads can. Also RIM has decided to implement the QNX operating system over BlackBerry 6.

RIM plans to announce the tablet BlackPad in November, and yes, the BlackPad will be roughly the same size as the iPad.

What do you think of the BlackPad? Winning idea, or epic fail? Let us know.