Previously, we gave you a look at the Web Design Cheat Sheet app for BlackBerry 10 from developer Alex Bass. If you’re interested in learning how to design an HTML5 app, then you’ll love the Web Design Cheat Sheet app. It is a web design app made by a website designer so it’s safe to assume that it is a quality app.

Alex put together the app’s updated release notes in a fun and fitting format:

@CSS3 Section PAID {
Access to 176 CSS Properties {
  Detailed Syntax;
  CSS & HTML Examples;
  Editor & Previewer;

Fully Functional CSS3 Editor {
  Ability to Toggle Between HTML & CSS;
  Remembers Code on Exit;
  Predefined Templates;
  Quick Code Buttons;

Neatly Organized {
  Properties are Sorted by Categories;
  Quick Access to Filter Between CSS Types;

Quick Links Within Property Pages {
  Mozilla Developer Network;
  World Wide Web Consortium (W3C);

Color Coded CSS Types {
  CSS1, CSS2, & CSS3 Have Designated Colors;
  Know CSS Version by Quick Glance;

@Major FREE {
Design {
  New: App Icon;
  Icon: More Refined & Rounded Edges;
  New: Boot Screen;
  Modified: Some In-App Icons;

Filter {
  Pull Down: Within a List;
  HTML5 Section: Sort Between HTML4 & HTML5;
  Site Feeds: Sort Between Design & Dev;

Color Coded {
  HTML5 Section: ‘HTML5’ Elements Now Red;
  Site Feeds: ‘Design & Dev’ Now Orange;
  Site Feeds: ‘Development’ Now Light Orange;

HTML5 Elements {
  Added: ‘Mozilla Developer Network’ Link;
  Added: ‘HTML5 Doctor’ Link;

Various Bug Fixes {}

@Bugs/Fixes/Information {
  If Not Purchased: No “Now Available” Page in CSS3 Section Like it Does on the Z10, Adding it Messed Up Actionbar Hide on Scroll.
  Workaround: Just Click the “Unlock Section” Action Icon to Get More Information on Purchasing the Section, Does not Affect Anything, Just a General Notice.

The Web Design Cheat Sheet app for BlackBerry 10 is available for free in BlackBerry World. The CSS3 and JavaScript sections are paid items.