For many years, if someone was called or self-titled themselves a “BlackBerry fan” it meant they were a user of the smartphone. The use (or overuse) eventually led to the dictionary-included phrase “Crackberry addict.”

“BlackBerry fan” like “iPhone fan” or “Android fan” all meant similar things – you were a fan of the smartphone.

Once the company converted from Research In Motion to BlackBerry Ltd, the evolution began. Further, the separation of BBM into its own company and continued QNX as a subsidiary added to the division.

QNX and BBM have created product offerings under the BlackBerry umbrella, but without a sole focus entirely on the target audience we once knew as a “BlackBerry fan.” The BBM team additionally targets users on an iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphone.

Their latest BES12 offering as a MDM solution has expanded BlackBerry into the capability of managing devices other than BlackBerry smartphones. BlackBerry has clearly become a multifaceted company.

All of these new markets bring multiple types of users/fans. BlackBerry is now in a curious case scenario, where someone can be a “BlackBerry fan” because of BBM, Internet of Things, BES12, and QNX, but not necessarily for their smartphones.

Does this make them any less of a “fan” than someone who uses a BlackBerry smartphone? Not at all. If BlackBerry made computers, like Apple, and some users only liked the BlackBerry computers but not the smartphones that would still make them a fan of BlackBerry.

Hopefully, the Team BlackBerry community can realize this evolution and appreciate it. The ability to be a fan of BlackBerry is no longer a oneway street. The expansive matrix of the BlackBerry brand is now only limited to the company itself.