The latest and greatest BlackBerry devices haven’t yet made their way to the mainland Chinese market. However, it appears that China Mobile will soon be getting a Curve/Bold hybrid with the release of the second ‘Atlas’.

Recently, China Mobile launched the Curve 8910, which was basically a Curve 8900 and still sport the trackball. We aren’t sure how the sales were for the 8910, but China Mobile users are soon to get a decent upgrade with the Curve 8980.

The Curve 8980 is essentially a Bold 9700 with a Curve keyboard and a plastic battery rather than leather. The Curve 8980 should have similar specs of the Bold 9700 with 624Mhz processor, 3,2MP camera, and 256mb RAM. The Curve 8980 will also be China Mobile’s first device with a trackpad. The Curve 8980 will not be a 3G enabled device, but it will support WiFi.

via BerryCN