cyber monday 2016 samsung

With Black Friday over, we can now turn our heads to the next shopping sale. And that is Cyber Monday. Since 2005, marketers have used the term Cyber Monday for the Monday after Thanksgiving. The term was created so people shopped more online. The term Cyber Monday made its debut in 2005. According to studies, more than 75% of online retailers increased their sales on the Monday after Thanksgiving. The trend is driving serious discounts and sales on Monday. And while Black Friday is your typical electronics period, you can get few great Cyber Monday Samsung deals. Usually, the Monday after Thanksgiving is considered a fashion sale, but electronics and appliances are on sale as well. Here are some Cyber Monday Samsung deals to consider.

Cyber Monday Samsung at Walmart

Some people believe that the holiday sale is designed for small retailers to compete with large retailers. But in reality, retail giants like Walmart offer the biggest discounts. This year, among the bevy of deals, you can find a great Samsung deal for a television. Walmart will offer a 65 inch Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV for $999. If you want a smaller and cheaper version, you can get a 60 inches 1080p HD Smart Led TV for $579. If you opt for the smaller TV, you’ll also get an $80 Walmart gift card. There are other sales and discounts, but let’s stick it to the Cyber Monday Samsung deals.

Cyber Monday Samsung at Best Buy

If you want to get yourself a new phone during the holiday season, Best Buy offers the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. While there is no discount for either phone, buying one will get you a $400 gift card. Imagine what you can do with $400. The only downside is that you have to spend the gift card at Best Buy during the next few months. But you will also get a VR set.

Cyber Monday Samsung at eBay

You can find several deals for Samsung items at eBay. We will list some that we found.

  • Galaxy Tab A 9.7 inches with 32 GB of internal memory – $149.99 BF deal price at eBay
  • 55 Inches 4K UHD TV – $997.99 BF deal price at eBay
  • 50 inches 4K UHD TV – $399 BF deal price

Tips for Surviving Cyber Monday

There are few tricks you can use to score the best deals during Cyber Monday. Here are few tips how to survive the frenzy.

  • Plan your shopping list ahead. Put together a lit, and then research the prices online. Once you do your research, you’ll have a better understanding of the differentials and whether an item is worth buying or not. A shopping list also keeps you focused on a single item. You won’t get distracted by other unnecessary discounts
  • Check the brick and mortar stores. Retailers have to find a way to counter Cyber Monday. And to do that, they often offer in-store specials for the day
  • Beware of hidden costs. Since you are buying mostly online, be sure to check if there are hidden costs like tax, shipping costs and much more. Sometimes, if you are not careful, your bargain might turn out to be a bust
  • Strive for quality over quantity. No matter how hard pressed you are to buy few items during the shopping frenzy, try to get just one good quality product. Consider the value of the product you are buying over its lifetime, not just the offer you are getting now. A more expensive model offers longer warranty and a longer lifespan.