Update: Apparently, the deal only seems to work for Q10 users.  The deal works in whatever country you’re in but you have to pay for the shipping.

Update:  BlackBerry seems to have cancelled the Deal as the coupon codes no longer work.

Being a BlackBerry user just got a little better.  N4BB has stumbled upon a deal that doesn’t come along everyday that gives BlackBerry users a free charger Bundle, leather holster, and premium stereo headset for those who’ve bought a Z10 or Q10! This deal is just for Americans, so unfortunately others may not be able to get these for free.

BlackBerry Accessory Bundle Redemption Instructions

  1. Purchase a BlackBerry 10 smartphone.
  2. Submit your BlackBerry 10 device PIN below.
  3. Once you have been redirected to shopblackberry.com, select BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 from the ‘By Device’ site header.
  4. Select Q10 or Z10 ‘Accessory Bundle’ and click ‘Buy Now’.
  5. Enter the provided coupon code in ‘Coupon Field’ and apply.
  6. Checkout.

How to find your BlackBerry 10 PIN

  1. Open BlackBerry Messenger.
  2. Tap your profile photo in the top left hand corner of the BBM screen.
  3. Your PIN is displayed below.

Click here for the link!

The coupon code should be BBNYQ810DJ990 for the Q10 and BBNYZ435TR818 for the Z10.

So far, we’re hearing mixed reports of it working for people.  If you’re the lucky owner of a BlackBerry Z10/Q10 device in the US, why not give it a go?  Free is always good.  N4BB does not guarantee that it will work, as this is a deal done through shopblackberry.com.

Thanks to Stephen!