Dear Diaree,

I’d like to speak candidly about your latest update. You not only changed your name but you reworked a new, more gorgeous UI? Not cool. Didn’t even warn me!

Now you’re giving me more options to post up to 3 times a day, and more options to sort entries as well? Jeez talk about expanding the offering. Is “Candid” now in BlackBerry Hub too??

I guess I’m writing this here to express my concerns. Sure, the application works even better than before, it’s now got hub access and more manageable notifications, but did we even need that?

Just wanted a diary I thought, a plain old diary instead you give me a private social network where I can share my entries anonymously with other users, while still having a private, password protected diary for my innermost thoughts and feelings.

Everyone has a story to tell, but Candid what is yours?
You transform and grow and deliver unique experiences unlike any other, for that I must say you’ve kept my interest.

Until my next entry…

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