For today’s How To I’m gonna show you how to clean up your saved WiFi networks list. Like me, you probably have a bunch of WiFi networks saved that you are never going to connect to ever again. It is always good to clean it up to make room for other networks that you might use more frequently. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Options and select the Networks and Connections menu.

2. Here, choose WiFi Networks.

3. If your WiFi is off, it will prompt you to turn it on. Do it and then press the Saved WiFi Networks button.

4. You’ll see a list of what probably is every WiFi network you have ever connected your BlackBerry to.

5. Select the list you would like to delete, press the menu button and hit Delete.

6. You’ll be asked to confirm if you want to delete the network. Press Ok if you are or Cancel if not.

That’s it! If you have any questions or suggestions just leave them in the comments below.