We reported earlier on a list of 13 upcoming devices.
The list included only the upcoming device codename and hex code. Here
is a little more info on 3 of the 13 devices. Two of the devices, Stratus and Atlas, we’ve already heard quite a bit about. However, one device that hasn’t been heard of is the Apollo. Here are the details:
  • Stratus – Pearl (9100?) with 3G and TrackPad (RIM does not want to ‘kill’ this series of smaller devices!)
  • Atlas –  A new curve model that has a number of occasions we have seen, that is a combination of the new Bold 9700 with a Curve/Javelin keyboard! Contrary to earlier statements, it will be sold on the European market, not solely East Asian. Supports UMA and EDGE, which for this is a big surprise. It will, off course, will also have a trackpad.
  • ApolloThis will be a new product series Curve, which supports, in contrast to his predecessors, HSDPA! The size of this tiny thing is: 108 × 60×13