At the very first BlackBerry 10 Jam event in Orlando, Florida and now across the world at Jam Tour events, developers have been given a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device. By utilizing this prototype device, developers can already begin building applications for the BlackBerry 10 platform. However, the Dev Alpha has a short lifespan.

We’ve confirmed that upon BlackBerry 10 going official, your Dev Alpha will automatically brick itself. Therefore, rending the Dev Alpha no longer useable. However, RIM has a nice little trade off planned for the device, that is IF you had an app accepted into App World for BlackBerry 10.

Remember the ‘BlackBerry London’ we saw (and thought) as would be the first BlackBerry 10 device? Turns out the London is a few revisions behind what will be the official BlackBerry 10 device. RIM then intends to give out the BlackBerry London as a special edition keepsake BlackBerry 10 WORKING PHONE to those developers who return the Dev Alphas back to RIM.

How cool will that be? Not only can you say you got to play with the first BlackBerry 10 prototype, you’ll be given a more advance version that will actually work as a phone! I think it is a pretty cool trade-off, since the London will actually work as a phone. Whereas, the Dev Alpha isn’t even giving you access to the microphone so you couldn’t even make regular phone calls or video chat (at least not with audio). Are you excited to get the London in exchange for your Dev Alpha?