PocketMac, the original creators of the first BlackBerry-to-Mac sync product, is at it again and trying to make you switch to the iPhone. They’ve released a new app called BerryMover, which looks to seamlessly transfer your BlackBerry data to an iPhone. Here’s how the developer describes the app:

Reclaim all the data stuck on your old BlackBerry and move it quickly and easily over to your iPhone with BerryMover. BerryMover moves all your data with just a few clicks. Simply upload your most current and complete BlackBerry backup file to your iPhone. Then run BerryMover. It will grab every contact, calendar, task, note, text message and anything else you need on your iPhone. Without BerryMover, there would be no way to pull the data from your BlackBerry and your valuable info would be stuck there forever.”

BerryMover will set ya back $9.99, that is if you’re going to switch to the competing fruit. This is one of the first apps that aims in making it “easy” for BlackBerry users to cross over to the Apple side. If you can’t pass up the temptation, you can check out more info here.