Amidst trumpet fanfare and rising anticipation, the commercial release of BlackBerry 10 devices is right around the corner (slated for first calendar quarter, 2013). This is a great opportunity for developers to be on the leading edge of this landmark release.

To be in the BlackBerry App World store when the BlackBerry 10 launches, you must compile your app using the Beta3 Developer SDKs. For the developers that submitted BlackBerry 10 app for testing, please note that you will need to recompile with the Beta3 Developer SDKs and resubmit it to BlackBerry App World.

When you’re creating a new release in the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal, you will now see a new Family called “BlackBerry 10” and one new device “All Touch”. Select “All Touch” to target your app for the commercial release of BlackBerry 10.

Those developers who act quickly (submitting their apps in October and November) have better odds for gaining preferred carousel placement. Getting in early also allows you time to tweak as necessary to qualify for the Built for BlackBerry designation and 10k Developer Commitment (and possibly earn USD 10,000 for your efforts).

You can learn more on submitting your BB10 apps with this tutorial from RIM here.