Diaree is not only the best diary app, but a new way to share your life story. You can create a post about what’s on your mind and attach a picture. If you choose to share the post anonymously, it will show up in the public list for anyone to see, like, comment on and even share.

By creating a social network which is completely anonymous, Diaree gives you a chance to share things and feelings which you wouldn’t on other networks, offering people a way to interact with someone else, express themselves, talk about difficult subjects or just have fun. But they don’t want that activity to be attached to their name and be seen by friends and family, coworkers or potential employers, and potentially be attached to their identity forever.

Once a post has been shared anonymously, users can like a post, comment anonymously, or share it with others. Allowing users to interact with each other anonymously about the content they share creates an authentic connection, centered around the content of the post rather then the identity of the person posting. This gives users a breath of fresh air from the vanity based social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Currently Diaree is only available for BlackBerry 10 but users are able to share their own or others public diary entries to anyone on the web. Simply go to a public entry click share and select from any social network to share to. The entry will then be generated on the Diaree website and be available as a link to anyone on any device anywhere.

Having gotten some hands on time with the application myself I must say it is brilliant. The dev trio put a lot of work into fleshing out the social aspects of the platform. You can favorite, like, comment, share and the app has a duality between private and public posts which puts a great social spin on the traditional diary concept. You can also pass code lock the app, share via BBM and enjoy a blog style roll of the latest public musing. I find myself enthralled already and have only been using it for a few hours. There’s a lot of utility here even if it’s masked by a killer social scope. The app works in many ways. I’ve shared entries to the Remember app and even Evernote as well, so you can use it as a base to move your content across your digital channels.

What’s more is in comments they’ve done a great job of adding context. Posts will have ‘Anon User’ ‘You’ or ‘Post Author’ so you still get context to whom you’re speaking with without a direct name tag and identifier. You can quickly sort public entries via Latest, Top and Random, which allows you a nice tunnel into someones mind. Overall the application is a slick offering and one I’m excited to see grow in the BlackBerry community!


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