An update to Diaree for BlackBerry 10 is available as of today through BlackBerry World. The new version 1.1.0 brings the following features:

UX/UI updates

– New logo
– New icon
– New List page for:

Entry Count: List of your entries
Favourited: Entries favourited by you
Liked: Entries you gave likes to
(Like) Received: Your entries with likes received by others
Commented: Entries you commented on
(Comment) Received: Your entries with comments received by others

– Active text enabled – links and hashtags are clickable
– Buttons on post page no longer cover the content of the entry
– Dates on comments changed to number of days since they were made
– Comment can be copied into clipboard via context menu
– Added support for PNG image extension
– Character limit per entry increased from 1000 to 1500 characters.
– Title and bottom bar hides upon scrolling in appropriate places on Q devices
– Introduction screen shows on the first launch of the app
– Improved Help and About page
– Empty comment icon shows up in the comments page after refreshing

Diaree is an app that lets users create “diary-like” posts, and upload them anonymously for others to read from their BB10 devices. Readers can post comments and like the user’s post, all the while staying anonymous.

Check out Diaree in BlackBerry World by clicking HERE.


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