Earlier today, during the Mobile World Congress 2015 event, BlackBerry unveiled some new product offerings. The company has officially unveiled the BlackBerry Leap and even an innovative BlackBerry Slider. Currently, BlackBerry has not officially released the Slider’s codename.

If you remember the previous legacy BlackBerry Slider history, all of them had codenames that began with the letter T. Although, the first-ever rumored BB10 slider was dubbed the “Milan.”

However, Recent OS files have pointed out a device called the BlackBerry Titan. Perhaps, the newly unveiled BlackBerry Slider is the Titan?

Another interesting bit about the Slider is it has dual-curved edge display. The only other manufacturer to unveil a product with a similar screen is Samsung with the S6 Edge.

Who has BlackBerry been hanging out with a lot lately? None other than Samsung.

We reached out to BlackBerry for an official statement regarding whether or not Samsung has played a roll in the Slider’s technical development.

Unfortunately, since the Slider is on future roadmap, BlackBerry would not comment at this time.

Head of Samsung’s mobile-phone business, J.K. Shin, has said Samsung wants to create a deeper relationship with BlackBerry, but not acquire them. It hasn’t been clear if the two companies planned to exchange technologies, beyond BES12 for Samsung’s KNOX.

Nonetheless, we will continue to learn more regarding the Slider in the months ahead. Hopefully, we will eventually find out if BlackBerry had any help from Samsung regarding the new Slider. All of the tell-tale signs are seemingly there.

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