The BlackBerry 10 L-Series is a general term for three devices. Internally, there is what RIM calls the BlackBerry 10 London, Lisbon, and Laguna.

Like the other codenames for BlackBerry devices, they were derived from those cities, literally. RIM had their design teams visit various cities around the world to gain insight architecturally, socially, etc.

But what will be the main difference between these three devices? As the slide above points out, not very much. Like most models, there are variations of the device to accomodate specific radio bands for the regions.

The BlackBerry 10 London looks to be the global GSM phone. Whereas, the Laguna and Lisbon will be CDMA. Each device will more than likely keep similar hardware. Though, with some hardware manufacturers it isn’t unusual for European devices to differ from North American in regard to chipsets.

Nonetheless, the only difference in hardware besides the radio seems to be the SIM card placement. Rest assured a BB10 London will be just as equal to the Laguna and Lisbon.

Photo via BBin