Research In Motion will soon be releasing its first fleet of BlackBerry 10 smartphones at the beginning of 2013. The past marketing for BlackBerry has been anything but spectacular over the years. RIM really just hasn’t had that good of persuasive skills.

Should RIM take notes from Samsung? The company will be advertising the Galaxy S3 in an ad where it’s pitted against the iPhone 5. While the ad does show how the device is better than the iPhone 5 in some respects, it also includes S3-only features. It then fails to list iPhone 5-only features.

It’s a bit of a dirty trick to make the Galaxy S3 seem like it’s more feature-rich than the iPhone 5. Should RIM go guns blazing with provocative marketing like this for BlackBerry 10? Check out the full ad below and let us know in the comments!

via BI