Earlier today, Rogers pushed a small update to their BlackBerry Classic owners that has prompted many to believe that other in-market devices will follow suit with a new OS version.

Even worse, there’s been a rumor floating around from various unreliable sources that today, January 27th, BlackBerry would be pushing out OS 10.3.1 for current in-market devices in the UK. Unfortunately, these rumors are proving to be nothing more than fluff as no update has launched today.

The problem with these unsubstantiated exclusives is that if they’re taken at face value, spread and end up being completely wrong, they make BlackBerry look like the bad guy. I’m all for pointing out when BlackBerry makes a mistake, or does something I don’t agree with, but in this case, they’ve been nothing but direct with the media and users about OS 10.3.1’s release.

BlackBerry’s official response since the Classic’s launch has been “February” as a timeframe for 10.3.1 for in-market devices. This is still the case.

So why did Rogers update the Classic today? Well, that specific device already has 10.3.1 and has had it out of the box, so it’s not a huge update for those owners as it would be for Z10 or Q10 owners on 10.2.1. We’re hearing that one of the reasons for today’s update could be simply testing in preparation for the big roll out that will happen later on. This has happened before with carriers and BlackBerry updates, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if that was the case. There are others out there that are saying they’ve received the 10.3.1 update on their Z30s on Rogers as well. We can attribute the same testing reasoning for these Z30 owners too, although from our investigation, most Z30 owners on Rogers are not seeing an update for OS 10.3.1 available today.

January has a few days left, and BlackBerry very well could push out 10.3.1 early. However, if the update arrives in February, it is not late. That’s when they told us it would be out and they’d be right on the money. Let’s give them credit where it’s due.