We got a chance to talk to BlackBerry CEO John Chen today at the BlackBerry Experience: New York City event, and got some good info out of him. Among a few of things we discussed, the topic of the naming of the upcoming trackpad-packing QWERTY device came up. We’ve naturally gotten accustomed to calling it the Q20, but Chen corrected us by reminding everyone the device will be named the BlackBerry Classic.

For some, this may not be news or a surprise at all. The name ‘Classic’ has been tossed around by Chen himself since the device was first announced. On the last earnings call, Chen joked around about taking a poll of one – himself – to decide the name of the phone. The humoristic delivery has led to a few of us remaining skeptical of whether that’s how BlackBerry would actually brand the device when it launches. In fairness, he still refers to the Z3 as the Jakarta from time to time (he did so today), so it’s not surprising we didn’t buy Classic as the official name until now.

After confirming with BlackBerry, it seems ‘Classic’ is definitely how it’s going to stay.

The Classic title definitely puts a bit of a dent into what had been a nice naming nomenclature of Z’s for touch, and Q’s for QWERTY devices. It’ll be interesting to see how the public perceives that name should it stay like that all the way until launch.

The BlackBerry Classic is expected to arrive in the fall of 2014.

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