BlackBerry has been the subject of many, many buyout rumors as their hardware sales continue to decline. However, BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, has no intention to sell, for now.

“I don’t have any intention to sell BlackBerry,” said John Chen in an interview on CBC’s The Exchange with Amanda Lang. “Not until the BlackBerry shareholder has good value reflecting truly what we have.”

If Chen’s turnaround plan succeeds, then he may consider a sale of the company.

“Then, if there is a potential proper suitor that would take care of our customers… I have a fiduciary responsibility to listen. But until then, there’s not point in listening.”

How far into the turnaround plan is BlackBerry? Chen says halfway.

“I think we’re now going into the second phase,” said Chen. “[BlackBerry’s] claim to fame … is in security and privacy. Last quarter, we won 2,600 either new or renewed customers for our software servers. 2,600 in one quarter. And a lot of them are very big names.” One of those was Royal Bank of Scotland, which BlackBerry poached from MDM rival Mobile Iron.

Despite BlackBerry’s position in the mobile industry changing to a software focus, Chen doesn’t plan to leave the hardware business for practical and emotional reasons.

“We make the most secure handset. Everybody, all of our competitors, will give that to us. Governments around the world are still using BlackBerry handsets,” said Chen. “The emotional reason is, BlackBerry is iconic to the industry. We started this industry arguably.”

Check out Chen’s interview with CBC News here.