BlackBerry OS 10.2.1 and up allows users to download Android apps directly on their phone without the need of sideloading. I’ve shown you guys a few apps in the past that are worth downloading, and today I’ve got another one that is sure to pique your interest. Puzzle Alarm Clock is an delightfully infuriating app that will force you to get out of bed whether you want to or not.

What is it?

Puzzle Alarm Clock forces you to solve one or more puzzles in order to turn your alarm off. If you wish to snooze for a bit, you have to pay $1 per incident. There are various types of puzzles that you can set up to solve, and you can decide how many you have to solve before the alarm stops. The app will also send you a notification a few minutes after your alarm goes off, just to make sure you woke up.

The Good

This app has a lot of customization options that will undoubtedly keep you on your toes every morning. Thankfully, the option to pay $1 every time you hit snooze can be turned on and off at your wish. Speaking of that feature, it’s a genius idea to get a little extra revenue for the developer.

The Bad

If you’ve got the dollar-per-snooze option activated, it’s possible you can rack up quite a few bucks in a week’s time just to get those extra few minutes of sleep. Depending on your self control and discipline in the morning, you might hate this feature.

Download it?

The app is free and a fun little way to get your brain pumping in the morning. If you’re in the market for a different type of alarm, give Puzzle Alarm Clock a try.