BlackBerry may have squashed fake images purporting Google Play support in BlackBerry 10. But as they did that publically, OS version leaked for semi-public consumption. Early reports confirm that BlackBerry 10.2.1 allows you to directly load android .apks through the BlackBerry Browser, or through Amazon and 1MobileMarket stores.

This makes getting applications a helluva lot easier for users who may be missing a few applications. This How-T0 will show you another method to download .APKS without having to second guess the source. Because you’re actually grabbing the .APK from Google Play through a web downloader. If you’ve ever downloaded APKs via the APK-Downloader Chrome Extension this web program is from the same people.

Don’t know about all, but seeing 3rd party Android app stores on my beautiful BB10 device feels all- kinds of wrong. This approach is more holistic but also a bit more tedious, if you just wanna grab a few apps this is an easy method, and there’s no need to install an .apk that installs .apks. In simple terms if you know what you want–this is a direct way to go get it (assuming you’re on official 10.2.1+ or leaked onto The only app you need to download direct from Google Play is the Browser.

Essentially in your BlackBerry web browser you will need to navigate to two location:

1) Grab the URL of the Application in Google Play

  • Easiest way to do this is to Google the application you want and hit the link for the PlayStore. Copy the link from your browser.

2) Head over to APK-Downloader and paste the URL 

  • Click ‘Generate Download Link’

Once your link is generated you can click to begin downloading the .APK to  your device!


Once it’s saved you can begin the install right from the ‘Downloads’ page within the browser. Once you launch you’ll hit and install page like this:


At this point the app is installing and within no time at all you’ll be able to fire up the application


Enjoy! And a big thanks out to @KevCollazo for testing this on his Q10 and supplies the images used within.