I have seen many developers online working to build a native SnapChat client for BB10 devices. But it seems one of the first is Nem0ry the same developer behind Where’s My Phone and DroidStore. He’s just pushed out a .5 BETA of his SnapChat client Snap2Chat and in short time the developer has delivered an ambitious client for BB10 users. Best of all he’s seeded it, FREE to to community, rock on!

Either way it’s easy to get a hands on for yourself and see how well this native SnapChat application works for you. Below the download link are some of the design details and limitations. In a lot of ways this application is more unique and robust than the native SnapChat application and I can’t wait to see how users drive its growth! You will have to sideload the file:

Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/…tBeta_v0.5.bar

Improvements from v.02

Major Changes:
Send Snaps
View Snaps

Bright and Dark Theme Options
Customize Title Bar Color
Customize The Main Tabbed Pane
Pull To Refresh
Better Loading and Faster

Camera Features:
Set Front or Rear Camera
Set Aspect Ratio
Set Flash Mode
Set Shooting Mode
Set Focus Mode
Set Scene Mode

Edit Features:
Edit Via Built in Picture Editor
Set Snap Lifetime
Add Caption (Simulation for now but doesn’t reflect to the final snap)

Missing Edit Features:
Drawing Lines
Saving Captions

Viewing Snap Features:
Timer ticks until snap expires
Tap To Load
Double Tap To Reply
Press and hold to view snap

Send Snap Features:
Send to unlimited number of friends
Reply to a snap
Send a specific snap to a friend

Now Supports:
10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and above
All Devices (But only tested: 10.1 Dev Alpha C and 10.2.1 Z10)

Bugs Fixed:
Loading Multiple Times Bug now fixed
And many more (I already forgot ahahha)