While general consumers may snub their noses at BlackBerry, the world’s tastemakers, celebrities, and political figures aren’t.

Hip-hop artist Drake a.k.a Drizzy has been a massive fan of BlackBerry. The artist has said in the past that he uses a BlackBerry to write most of his song lyrics and has been seen using a BlackBerry during a few “freestyle” sessions.

Nonetheless, BlackBerry did their due diligence for Drizzy and pushed him a Classic. Drake took to Instagram to publish a photo of the Classic with the caption, “Thank you Blackberry!!! Still PING squad for life.” The photo, as of this writing, has received just over 150,000 likes (not too shabby publicity for BlackBerry, eh?).

Drake isn’t the only famous person to rep BlackBerry publicly, though. Countless others including Tim Allen, who was recently vocal about his liking of the Passport on the Jimmy Kimmel show.