St. Patty’s day is coming up quick. What beer will you be drinking? Which Irish pub will you start seeing four leaved clovers and leprechauns? Check out these beer apps for BlackBerry to help you plan out for the best St. Patty’s day!

A Beer Bible

The Beer Book lets you browse through beers from hundreds of breweries around the world in beautiful full-color images. Record tasting notes, search for breweries and beers by name and explore the glossary of common beer terminology. Bookmark your favorites and you can even share with your friends through BBM.

Brew World

Brew World is an extensive list of craft breweries, brewpubs, bottle shops, and beer bars in the United States, Mexico, Canada, & United Kingdom, with over 2,600 breweries and over 7,000 beers. Search by current location (GPS), City/State/Zip, or Brewery Name

Each brewery has essential contact information listed along with the beers they offer. Just create an account from within the app to add and review beers yourself! Use the app as a beer journal to keep track of all your favorite beers and breweries!

Beer Buddy for BBM

Send your drinking buddies an express invitation with the pub’s address, meeting time, GPScoordinates and link to BlackBerry® Maps (Google® Maps link for Facebook® wall posts and Twitter® tweets). Choose among 21 invitations ranging from general invites to more specific ones (birthday, celebration, etc.) or personalize the invite yourself.

Any Beer ABV

How much alcohol is in that beer? At the bar and want to know exactly how much punch that brew is packing? Over 2000 beers both domestic and imported listed with their alcohol by volume content.

iBuzzed Beercounter PRO

The new app in store that counts the number of beers you have been drinking, and how much money you’ve spent drinking.

There you have the top 5 beer apps to help you successfully get through St. Patty’s day with the right beer at the right pub for the right price. Remember, always drink responsibly.