NemOry is at it again, this time the developer has seeded Version 2 of his very handy Native Google Play Client. With this update the “Store” is taking shape. With a featured application banner, in app comments, force download, favoriting (bookmarking) and many UI refinements across the application. It’s a treat for those BB10 users running the latest BlackBerry 10 OS leak and a must have for those who want an easy way to get all the .APKs there hearts desire. I’d say more, but you should really just sideload the app already.

No idea what DroidStore is?

Supports In-App Downloading, Downloading Speed, Direct Install in the App, Favorites System, Comments System, Featured Applications, Stable Downloading with 2 Download Sources, Paid and Free Indicators, OTA Droid Store BAR Updates, Change Dark or Light Theme. Search and Refresh. Remove Downloaded APKS. You can see the Size of the App, Ratings, Description, Icon in Full Screen, Checks if Paid or Free App. View Developers Apps, View the app overview in Google Play.

Download DroidStore V2


* Can’t Download Paid Apps
* Can’t Sign In (Will be in future version)

***In Upcoming Droid Store v2.1 should include***
— Most & Recent Downloaded Applications
— Most & Recent Commented Applications
— Mobile Friendly Website http://bb10droidstore.com that does the same as the native app, you can find and download apks and install directly.
— Loading Image Quality
— Paid and Free Sorting / Show Only