NemOry a fantastic young developer whose already got many quality contributions in BlackBerry World has just begun seeding his newest available application DroidStore. With the latest leak of BlackBerry 10.2.1055+ indie-devs have been rushing in to make native experiences for easy downloading of Android APKs (the android file format is now directly supported). BlackBerry is working on full Android 4.2.x Jelly Bean Virtualization within the BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime and the walls between BlackBerry devices and Androids ‘Google Play’ are beginning to blur.

DroidStore brings a fleshed out native-apk grabber that taps into the two most accessible APIs to pull the latest .APK for searched applications onto the BB10 device for direct install and download (much like most other app-stores function. This app is also growing very fast. We’ve seen a similar application called SNAP, launch and allow Android Device emulation for .APK rips (but that’s entirely unhelpful for those who don’t have an Android Device ID and other Google Account Credentials). This is why I’m honestly using DroidStore as my main shelve it’s native and works great.

BlackBerry has dedicated its growth in key areas (like tooling) that have made this whole conundrum possible. And I am mystified by the potential that I can now tap into. There are so many new apps I have access to, and I thank the great work from the likes of BlackBerry and fastidious developers like NemOry for continuing to breathe life into this powerful, evolving mobile-first platform. You can download the latest build of DroidStore from the link below. You’ll need to sideload the file for use on your BB10.

Download DroidStore .BAR