Dropbox released a new version that brings compatibility to BlackBerry 7 devices. Dropbox v1.0.52 brings a few new features and finally makes the app usable. The changelog includes:

New features:

  • Security passcode
  • Save email attachments to Dropbox

This build resolves:

  • Issues on 9900 & 9930 devices (BB OS 7 support for other devices should be working fine)
  • Bug on thumbnails screen where only a few thumbnails were loaded
  • Performance issues (more work to be done here)
  • Various design tweaks

Known issues we’re working to resolve:

  • Passcode is not engaged when you hit the button to turn off the screen (only when you leave the app)
  • Cached files are re-downloaded unnecessarily
For more information or to submit bug reports, check out the Dropbox support forum.