AccessoryGeeks announces an exclusive and one-of-a-kind TPhone line of eco-designed wood case for the BlackBerry Bold 9700. Each case is unique
because it is made from 100 percent real wood that adds a natural look
while providing solid protection.

Compared to plastic
and silicone cases, the wooden cases are more environmentally
friendly because they are biodegradable. Furthermore, because part of
the creation process is done by hand, they leave a smaller carbon
footprint than cases created by machinery that uses chemicals.

Unlike other wood cases on the market,
AccessoryGeeks’ TPhone cases are made from one piece of wood so they are
not glued together in pieces, resulting in additional durability. These
covers emit subtle, natural wood scent that will eliminate unpleasant
odors in your bags or pockets. The exotic wood types range from
Sonokeling and Gmelina from the jungles of Indonesia, to hard Jackfruit
and even Teak, which is the fastest regenerating wood on earth.

Cases are precisely crafted for easy access to all
buttons, phone features and ports without having to snap on and off for
use. These woods have a natural ability to absorb a tremendous amount
of shock, resulting in impregnable protection for your device.

customers are demanding more eco-friendly options for all their
accessories and what is more natural than real wood,” commented Vice
President, Karen Kang. “AccessoryGeeks wants to meet and exceed all our
customers’ accessory needs and in a timely fashion when the latest
devices hit the streets to help keep them from harm.”

The line of
TPhone cases are made from environmentally-friendly materials and are
bio-degradable which helps customers minimize their carbon footprint. 

You can check out the Bold 9700 TPhone wood case here.