A few days ago we unveiled that no personal data is compressed with BlackBerry 10. This is due to the discontinuation of BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) that BlackBerry had previously required for use with legacy devices.

As we described, the cost per MB of data is apparently decreasing with carriers as time has progressed. However, that’s not the only thing evolving.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) has evolved into a full service messaging tool now capable of making phone and video calls on WiFi or the carrier network.

This means BBM will likely become a data consuming behemoth, if you’re making phone and video calls on a regular basis. This has caused South African carriers Vodacom and MTN to announce the discontinuation of their unlimited BBM plans.

BBM has been a clutch messaging tool for users in emerging markets. It’s been a service that has allowed those users who didn’t have access to a landline email the ability to communicate among one another.

In what we revealed in regards to BlackBerry 10 compression, users were advised to look into the same data plans as other mobile phones. Part of BlackBerrys success was based on the compression and limited data usage associated with a BlackBerry.

via BGR