Endomodo is a fitness app and social network that tracks your progress and shares it with your friends. The app is available on pretty much every platform out there, even legacy BlackBerry devices, but not BlackBerry 10 yet.

Over at the Endomodo forums, fans of BB10 have been wondering when the app would land on the new OS, and three months ago the developers chimed in saying that there were no immediate plans to support BlackBerry 10.

Hi all,

we don’t have any immediate plans about developing a native BlackBerry 10 app. BB10 does have an emulator that allows Android app, unfortunately this doesn’t support Map functionalities which mean our app will not work. But if/when BB10 allows Map functionalities we will look into if we can make our Android app work on BB10.


Thankfully, they had a change of heart and posted the following update on the same forum yesterday.

Hi guys,

it’s great to see that many of you are passionate about Endomondo and would like to use it on your BB10. Thank you for reaching out and letting us know your ideas.

There is a BlackBerry conference in Orlando next week and we think you are going to like some of the news announced there 😉

To be continued…


Now while I’m not one to really do outdoor…. things…. I might consider giving Endomodo a download and maybe lace up some jogging footwear. If anything can motivate me to be more active, it’s definitely a native built BlackBerry 10 app.