Some of you may remember when we first broke the news on a BlackBerry Pearl with a traditional keypad. Months later, we find that device turns out to be the Pearl 9105 with the T9 keypad. Now we’re getting word, from the same source, which claims that there is an entry level BlackBerry Slider in the works.

There is not much information at hand right now. However, we are being told that this entry level slider will be much smaller than the current Torch 9800. We also have been told it will be cheaper than the Bold 9700 when purchased by carriers.

Perhaps this new slider might come equipped with SureType or even T9 keyboard? Nevertheless, we find ourselves a bit confused on what exactly RIM may have in mind with an entry level BlackBerry slider. Maybe this slider will not have a touchscreen? All of the little details aren’t very clear, yet.

What would you think of a smaller, lower-grade BlackBerry slider device? We will keep digging and hopefully find more answers.

*Note* – The image above is for illustrative purposes.