When the first few images of the Porsche Design BlackBerry P’9982 were revealed, we exclusively unveiled that the device would be officially called the P’9982 and have a unique BlackBerry 10 UI.

The P’9982 is internally known as the STK100. Otherwise, known as the ‘King’. The P’9982 could be categorized under the L-Series (Z10). You may recall that the original P’9981 was codenamed the ‘Knight’.

User xsacha was able to dig through an OS and reveal elements of the unique BlackBerry 10 UI that the P’9982 will feature. The image above shows the redesigned BlackBerry 10 clock dial.

The BlackBerry P’9982 isn’t expected to release until sometime mid-2014. BlackBerry certainly has plenty of time to redesign the UI of BlackBerry 10. Though, we may not see it in full anytime soon, as the hands-on photos of the P’9982 we showed you was rocking plain ‘ole BlackBerry 10.

Thanks Dave!

Photo via CB forums