N4BB, which stands for News for BlackBerry, has been around for more than 4 years. Well, myself and a few of the team have been writing about BlackBerry that long at least.

It all started with the launch of BBLeaks. The idea for that site was to act as a feed for other websites leaks. Little did I know it would snowball into receiving its own exclusives.

Through the years the site has transformed into a full fledged news and informational website for BlackBerry. We felt it was thus appropriate to change the name from BBLeaks to N4BB, given our broadened scope of coverage.

You can view this evolution from our logos shown in the image above. What good is change if the website design can’t follow. That is why today I am proud to introduce the latest version of N4BB.

The latest site redesign gives you access to our best content more easily. It’s sharper, cleaner, and overall better performing across multiple mobile platforms. You’ll also want to check out our nifty search feature with suggestive results as you type.

BlackBerry 10 is a fresh start to mobile computing. It was imperative N4BB reflected this paramount change too. We’re very grateful to have had all of you along for the trip. Here’s to many more, and we’ll keep doing our part to provide the best in BlackBerry news!