One of our sources has informed us that RIM will be merging BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) and BlackBerry ID (App World login) in possibly the next 4.x version of BIS. What this could mean is your BIS account will no longer be connected to a SIM card, and it will be user mapped. We’re told it is a possibility that BIS accounts will become carrier independent, where customers will need to pay RIM for BIS instead of it being bundled into their carrier.

We’ve heard whispers before that carriers (like Verizon) were pushing Android and other devices over BlackBerrys to save money from the fees incurred with maintaining BIS. This move by RIM will most likely be to entice carriers to offer more BlackBerry devices to its customers. We’re not sure how RIM will go about the transition or payment terminal for BIS, and if this will be for all BIS customers or only new subscribers. What would you think of having to pay RIM for BIS instead of your carrier? Perhaps, this could be a good move and it will make data on your BlackBerry more cost effective than before?

Another possibility for this move is to open up BlackBerry services on non-BlackBerry devices. We’ve heard the rumors of BBM hitting iOS and Android. Maybe we’ll also see ‘RIM mail’ apps for push e-mail too? It will be very interesting to see how RIM takes this to the next level, and utilizes BBID as a universal login.