BlackBerry 10 will be using TAT Cascades to create rich looking native applications and UI. One part of this will be the Share UI. The Share UI is how it will look when you want to share a picture, web page, or other object to Facebook, BBM, Picasa, DropBox, and much more.

Additionally, you can see the different level of controls for hiding potentially less commonly used controls. Looking at the slides, they reveal the TAT-built Facebook application. We can see already there are many more enhanced features than currently found on the native Facebook app (i.e. Image quality selection). The slide also mentions that the ability to ‘hide’ less used controls will be added to the Cascade Core UI by winter 2012.

Nevertheless, BlackBerry 10 and its Share UI look to be shaping up nicely. BlackBerry 10 seems to have a core focus of social interaction and we’re sure the Share UI and other sharing components will be essential. What do you think of the way the Facebook app looks? Check out another glimpse below: