We’ve been hearing for sometime now that the PlayBook OS is a transition into BlackBerry 10. What if that was only half truth? While the tablet OS has been the gateway to BlackBerry 10, it serves mostly to ensure a plentiful amount of apps once the BlackBerry 10 phones release. We’ve been told a juicy new detail about the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS. Here’s what we’ve heard so far:

  • BlackBerry 10 has a new 3D virtual keyboard built likely from TAT Cascades. The keyboard mimics the authentic physical BlackBerry keyboard. RIM is also working on implementing a vibration response when keys are hit. They’re calling it ‘vibration feedback’. We’re not sure how this might differ from what is commonly known as haptic feedback.
  • Additionally, we’re told that BlackBerry 10 will literally utilize TAT Cascade animations in nearly everything. We’re only going to get a small glimpse in PlayBook OS 2 through 3, but will see it full-blown in BlackBerry 10. So far we’ve seen a small preview of this from those leaked BlackBerry 10 images.

Our source also stated confidentially that PlayBook OS 3.0 is not BlackBerry 10. The new 3D keyboard will not be present, but TAT Cascades will begin deeper integration into the OS. There has been no mention of native BBM on PlayBook OS 3.0 at this time.

Touching briefly on what the BlackBerry 10 OS is being tested on, our source said it is in an unmarked shell, with a form factor resembling the Samsung Galaxy S2. Otherwise, is similar to what we’ve seen in the leaked slide.

We are super pumped for BlackBerry 10. The utilization of TAT Cascades in nearly all areas of the OS will up the ante in the mobile space. Great things seem to be in the works, which will likely make those who left the BlackBerry platform salivate in the mouth to return. Make sure you keep it locked to N4BB for more insider info on BlackBerry 10, PlayBook OS 3.0, and much more!