Many have wondered what the BlackBerry N-series is going to be like. From what we’ve been hearing, it is essentially similar in size to the Bold 9790. However, the BlackBerry N-series will lack one of the staple features of a BlackBerry. There will not be a TrackPad on the BlackBerry N-series.

As the internal slide above describes, RIM has found a solution to combine the touch nature of the BlackBerry 10 operating system with a physical keyboard. The solution RIM has found is to “augment the QWERTY keyboard with a streamlined touch version of extended keyboard commands.” You can see an example of this in the slide above where it shows both a word completion and umlaut selection overlay in the Action Bar part of the screen estate.

The BlackBerry N-series is going to be one incredible device. The swipe gestures you’ve come to know on the BlackBerry PlayBook will be packed into this 720×720 square OLED screen. Imagine how you’ll be able to multi-task and murder some email/messaging with that amazing physical keyboard BlackBerry purists know and love. Let us know if you think RIM’s idea of combining the physical keyboard and on-screen typing options will be effective. Will you miss the TrackPad? Sound off TeamBlackBerry!


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