Exclusive: BlackBerry 2011 Software Roadmap – OS 7, BIS 4.1, and more!

Exclusive: BlackBerry 2011 Software Roadmap – OS 7, BIS 4.1, and more!

In the beginning of the year we learned the 2011 BlackBerry lineup through various leaks and roadmaps surfacing. It looks like an exciting year to see RIM release the Dakota/Montana, Malibu, Apollo/Sedona, Monaco, and Torch 2, all of which seem likely to come preloaded with OS 6.1. However, it seems most people are interested in knowing when QNX (most likely to be known as OS 7.0) will reach RIM’s handsets.

According to the 2011 BlackBerry software roadmap, we should see integration begin for OS 7.0 towards the end of November 2011. It isn’t clear if BlackBerry OS 7.0 will be an ‘update’ to 6.1 or if it will be released on newer devices first and potentially rolled out to older devices later. Also, it is not clear if the “integration” is for developmental purposes or an official release. Nonetheless, it is a good sign to see the possibility of QNX-based BlackBerry smartphones nearing availability. Hit the break for more!

Also to be released within 2011 will be BIS 4.0 in March or April and 4.1 in late August or early September, Facebook 2.0 beta 1 and 2, App World for BlackBerry PlayBook (in March), updated BlackBerry Protect 1.1 and 1.2, Identity Service, Social Feeds 2.0 in May and BlackBerry News 1.1. There will also be End of Life (EOL) for apps like Flickr (already has happened) and Viigo in August.

There are a lot of RIM built apps coming and a few going this year. While we don’t have too much information surrounding OS 7.0, it is still good to have some clear evidence RIM is working towards it and a little more exact time-frame for its release. We’ve already seen what the next Facebook will look like, and it seems RIM is diligently working towards perfecting their apps to be on the same level as those for Android or iOS. Who is excited for OS 7? Check below for some additional info on BlackBerry News, Social Feeds, and TicketMaster v2.0.

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