Not long ago we showed you the 2011 BlackBerry consumer software roadmap. Now, the enterprise software roadmap (shown above) gives your BES admins a nice insight in what to expect for the rest of 2011. BES 5.0.3 looks to be releasing very soon, with BESx 5.0.3 hitting around summer time (June). BES for Google Apps looks to be integrated around the same time, along with MVS 5.1 (Yosemite). Later in the year we see a new feature called ‘Contrail’. The orange bubbles are likely each software’s beta periods, with the blue bubbles identifying their official roll-out. What we’re most interested in is the Contrail software, which we aren’t entirely sure what it could be, although we have heard whispers it is cloud BES. Hit the break for BES 5.0.3 and BES Google Apps spec sheets.